"Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food" Hippocrates 460 - 359 BC

This  approach has served both the mainstream medical community as well as alternative medicine philosophies for over 2000 years.

Predominantly whole foods plant based eating can boost your energy, improve mood, prevent and reverse many health issues.

Just like any engine needs a high quality fuel for optimal function, our body needs nourishment in the form of unprocessed, unrefined and wholesome natural foods in order for all systems to function properly and prevent diseases.



Hallie M.     04.27.2020

Mila knew exactly how to help me change to my diet to naturally lower my blood pressure.  Not only do I feel so much better, but I no longer need medication.  I am more committed than ever to healthy eating thanks to Mila!

Pam L.       04.25.2020

Over the years I’ve been working with Mila, I’ve taken off weight, yes, but more importantly I have more energy at age 76 than in my 50s thanks to a much healthier way of cooking and eating.

Delia G.         10.20.2016

Thanks to Mila's diet I was able to lose weight but mainly to stop my headaches and my brain fog. Now I feel with a lot more energy.

Nonita C.   07.14.2015

Thanks to Mila I have lost weight for the first time ever and also learned a lot about healthy eating and good nutrition. She showed me the way to eat well and still lose pounds!

 Jane   06.29.2015

I reaped such benefits from working with Dr. Casey. She has tremendous insight into health tips for today’s food and allergy issues. She gave me lots of ideas that are easy to execute & sustain.

 Michael L.  04.02.2015

During my recent weight loss experience, Mila impressed me by being both a encouraging and completely professional. I never felt as though I was not in control of the experience. I lost 62 lbs.

Christina M.       2015

Beautiful site!! Dr. Mila is brilliant. Her passion for nutrition is evident in her patient care.

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