I offer clients:

1. Help with addressing health related issues. Providing guidelines in lifestyle and eating habits without dieting. Providing necessary information and resources.

2.  Individual consultations on body and eye health, natural vision improvement.

3. Annual educational program.

4. Annual Concierge Membership.

5. Quartely 7 week group vision trainings based on Dr. Bates natural vision improvement method without glasses, medications or surgeries. I tested it and took of my glasses.

6. Cooking Classes in different categories: breakfasts, soups and salads, baked and stuffed dishes, deserts. Healthy and useful tips on weekly meal planning and cooking. Easy to follow mouthwatering recipes with few ingredients.

7. Free Talks and Presentations on Nutrition and Health-Related Topics

 Please send me an email: milasnutrition@gmail.com with any questions and leave your email to sign up for the newsletter.

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